Seminars: How to Sell a Business

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In the mergers and acquisitions industry, the emphasis on business valuations and pricing is often skewed towards the buyers’ favor. At BCMS we specialize in representing sellers of middle market businesses; our educational seminars explain how business owners can control the process, understand deal dynamics and level the playing field.

Each seminar is run by BCMS’s own middle market mergers and acquisitions industry veterans who have extensive experience as buyers and sellers. The presentation focuses on the often overlooked strategy and tactics that are crucial to selling your business for the best possible price.

In each seminar, you will learn:

  • The latest trends in mergers and acquisitions
  • Basic business valuation methods
  • Why sellers need to use valuations cautiously and sparingly
  • Where to find potential buyers
  • How buyers think - understanding buyers’ motives
  • How to use competition to create greater value
  • Tips on what to expect when working with tax, legal, and other mergers and acquisitions advisors


Seminar Agenda


9:00 am: Breakfast & Registration

9:30 am: Introduction

Why do so many businesses fail to sell? 
8 Essentials To Maximizing Value

Preparing to sell
Planning early in the process 
The impact of thoughtful marketing materials 
Handling confidentiality 
Readying the business – Do’s and Don’ts

Valuing a company 
The fundamental flaws in traditional thinking 
The importance of future potential 
What motivates a buyer to pay a higher price

11:00 am: Break

11:15 am: The 5 steps of a successful sale

Step 1 – Initial Diligence 
Understanding your own business 
Critical issues most owners overlook 
Profiling the ideal buyer

Step 2 – Locating potential buyers 
How to identify and contact potential buyers 
The importance of looking overseas for a buyer 
Why you may need to approach far more buyers than you think

Step 3 – Initial contact 
How to establish high levels of interest 
Introducing the opportunity 
Maintaining confidentiality 
The proposal documentation 
How to establish a choice of buyers

Step 4 – Negotiating the deal 
How to capitalize on a choice of buyers
How to handle vital first meetings
The importance of not discussing price too early
How to avoid common pitfalls
How to negotiate the best price and terms

Step 5 – Concluding the deal 
The ongoing value of a choice of buyers
Maintaining interest and creating urgency with your buyer
Selecting tax and legal advisers

Final thoughts
12:30 pm: Prompt Finish 
Questions and Answers


Register now for a seminar in a city near you. Or call Kelly Cole at 888-413-2267 with questions, or to schedule a free consultation with a senior executive from BCMS.